About me

Hi, I´m Michelle,
Born and raised in the Netherlands, I later moved to Düsseldorf to study Japanese and English. Through the course of time as I felt stuck and disillusioned in my studies and on the outlook for something more meaningful, it was when Yoga and its power really settled into my life. This would later gradually transform itself into a passion and into a longing for more knowledge into the philosophy, history and consequently to gain a deeper and more foundational understanding of Yoga. Not only for myself but to share with others what Yoga has given me. 2021 I decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training and a year later I graduated from my 200h Teacher Training in Flow & Alignment Oriented Yoga at Shivasloft. I combine my love for Yoga and my desire to be in the outdoors with aspects of Forest Bathing, resulting in Wild Yoga.

My Yoga classes - outdoors

Most of us spend our days cooped up in our offices, our houses, or in transit. All that time sitting around inside is unhealthy for our minds and our bodies. My outdoor yoga classes bring movement and play into your everyday life. Yoga is a practice, meaning you can do it anywhere. Practicing yoga outdoors allows you to better embody the yoga mindset—noticing and accepting the present moment as it is.

What I stand for

We approach every yoga class with joy, curiosity and an open mind. I encourage you to pause with me, to truly stretch yourself open to your strength and sensitivity. I believe that Yoga is not about performing the poses perfectly, or having the best flexibility or balance. It is all about connecting with yourself, about being present and being aware.