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Outdoor Yoga

Take your Yoga practice into the outdoors with Wild Yoga at the Rhine. Soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air as you move through different poses and explore what your body is capable of. My classes are designed for every body and all levels to come participate and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of being outdoors and the strength-building benefits of flow yoga.

Why should I visit Wild Yoga?

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One of the first benefits of practicing yoga outdoors is connecting with nature. Practicing in a green space in the middle of Düsseldorf can make us city dwellers feel closer to it. The practice outside provides a fresh escape from everyday life, or rather the ability to gather new energy, strength and resilience to be ready and equipped for the complexity of life. So that you can stay grounded, centered and open to the full range of what it means to be a human in today’s hectic world.

Outdoor yoga can enhance your practice in a whole new way. Nature connects us to our roots, reminding us that we are not separate but in fact one with the earth, the sky and everything living around us. It can help to create a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the beauty and wonders of nature, for life itself

It is easy to gain strength and stability when it it is quiet, nobody is bothering or distracting you or when the floor is even. It gets much more difficult to gain these qualities when the elements are also part of the practice. But when we welcome those outer elements, we can become stronger and more stable, not only on the mat but also in many other aspects of our life. There is less expecting things so be a certain way and more acceptance for the things as they are in this very moment.

My outdoor classes are open-level, meaning that everyone is welcome to participate. You don’t need any yoga experience to join, nor do you have to be flexible to take any of my classes. I invite you to approach every yoga class with joy, curiosity and an open mind. I encourage you to pause with me, to truly stretch yourself open to your strength and sensitivity. To what your incredible body is capable of! I believe that yoga is not about performing the poses perfectly, or having the best flexibility or balance. It is all about connecting with yourself, about being present and being aware.

You show up and everything else is a bonus.

What do I need to know when I come for the first time?

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You will recognize me and my outdoor practice space by the drop flag positioned on site. Make sure you arrive on time and with a few minutes to spare so that we can get to know each other and talk a bit about your needs and expectations.

Do I need to bring my own equipment or can I borrow it?

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You should bring your own yoga mat and if needed a blanket or additional props (blocks or straps). I also recommend bringing a towel or an additional layer for underneath your mat (grass and dirt). Don't forget to bring your water to stay hydrated :)

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You don't feel comfortable in a group setting or you want to explore and deepen your practice in a 1:1 session? I also design individual classes: Whether  it is a private session or as a private group. Contact me and we will find something suitable.